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def Nagstamon::nagstamonGUI::GUI::NotificationOn (   self,
  status = "OK" 

    switch on whichever kind of notification

Definition at line 609 of file nagstamonGUI.py.

00609                                          :
            switch on whichever kind of notification
        # only notify if popwin not already popped up
        if self.popwin.get_properties("visible")[0] == False:
            if self.Notifying == False:
                self.Notifying = True
                # debug
                if str(self.conf.debug_mode) == "True":
                    print "Notification on"
                # threaded statusbar flash
                if str(self.conf.notification_flashing) == "True":
                    self.statusbar.Flashing = True
                    flash = nagstamonActions.FlashStatusbar(output=self)
                # if wanted play notification sound
                if str(self.conf.notification_sound) == "True":
                    sound = nagstamonActions.PlaySound(sound=status, Resources=self.Resources, conf=self.conf)
                # if desired pop up status window
                # sorry but does absolutely not work with windows and systray icon so I prefer to let it be
                #if str(self.conf.notification_popup) == "True":
                #    self.popwin.showPopwin = True
                #    self.popwin.PopUp()

    def NotificationOff(self):

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