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def Nagstamon::nagstamonGUI::Popwin::PopUp (   self,
  widget = None,
  event = None 

    pop up popwin

Definition at line 1123 of file nagstamonGUI.py.

01123                                             :
            pop up popwin
        # when popwin is showable and label is not "OK" popwin will be showed - 
        # otherwise there is no sense in showing an empty popwin
        # for some reason the painting will lag behind popping up popwin if not getting resized twice -
        # seems like a strange workaround
        if self.showPopwin and not self.output.status_ok:
            # position and resize...
            # ...show
            # position and resize...
            # set combobox to default value
            # switch off Notification    

    def PopDown(self, widget=None, event=None):

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