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def Nagstamon::nagstamonGUI::StatusBar::MenuPopup (   self,
  widget = None,
  event = None,
  time = None,
  dummy = None 

    context menu for label in statusbar

Definition at line 857 of file nagstamonGUI.py.

00857                                                                        :
            context menu for label in statusbar
        # for some reason StatusIcon delivers another event (type int) than
        # egg.trayicon (type object) so it must be checked which one has
        # been calling
        # to make it even worse there are different integer types given back
        # in Windows and Unix
        # systray icon
        # check if settings ar not already open
        if self.output.SettingsDialogOpen == False:
            if isinstance(event, int) or isinstance(event, long):
                # right button
                if event == 3:
                    # 'time' is important (wherever it comes from) for Linux/Gtk to let
                    # the popup be shown even after releasing the mouse button
                    self.Menu.popup(None, None, None, event, time)
                # right button
                if event.button == 3:
                    widget.popup(None, None, None, event.button, event.time)

    def Move(self, widget, event):

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